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What our customers are saying!

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 I am very pleased with the software overall. It is VERY helpful and consultant friendly. One of the best features is that you guys are so accessible and actually listen to and respond to my questions and needs. 
~ Renee C. J             
 I absolutely love it! I have been searching for a while for a bookkeeping program for my MK business. I used to use a web based application but they disappeared from the Internet a while ago. I have been using QuickBooks, but having to manually enter in everything, is very time consuming. I have been smiling all day using my new software. I will definitely bring this software up at my MK meeting tomorrow night!  
~ Melissa B             
 I have been recommending you to lots of consultants! 
~ Deb S             
 I love the customer service that you provide and will definitely share that with my fellow consultants. 
~ Susana F             
 I love the user friendliness of it (how it is laid out visually) and the trial period with my own data. Being able to upload my information from my old program was such a blessing!. The support Teresa Nelson has given me in my trial period has been exceptional, and the ability to transfer all of my data from my current program sold me, plus the ability to use it and try it out for 2 weeks was awesome!  
~ Amy A             
 Wow!!!! Fast response! You guys are excellent! Thank you thank you thank you! Strive is an excellent product and I appreciate the quick turn-around. Thank you for all you're doing!  
~ Christine A             
 I think this product is awesome! Thank you so much for your quick response and turnaround on my questions.  
~ Stephanie T             
 Once again your product and excellent support have helped me!! That is one of the reasons I am so very pleased I found AtHomesoft. It is logical to understand, and when I don't, you are there to walk me through the steps. 
~ Corlee Bosch             
 I have already referred my first person, and I hope to send a bunch more your way! 
~ Vicky M             
 I am telling all of my consultants about your product. 
~ Doris M             
 I've loved the program so far; and the customer service has been super impressive!! I would recommend this program to all my colleagues and I feel that it's perfectly priced. 
~ Sarah M             
 I have the program and am loving it! 
~ Cheryl T             
 So far I'm loving it. The only glitch I ran into was with making a payment for a customer and trying to apply it to previous balance. The software kept trying to take it off the new invoice I had just created. But, I figured it out. It definitely does a lot more than Boulevard┬«. I was very impressed the last time I started up the software that it automatically asked me if I would like the updated product list and all I had to do was click yes. That was awesome. I'm a computer programmer in my day JOB and this is finally something I consider professional quality. Thank you!!!! 
~ Sonya C             
 I am VERY impressed with your product and cost. I have looked into a couple other products, but like the way yours looks and sounds the best.  
~ Angela P             
 You guys are good! I'm very pleased. Keep up the good things. I love that the software checks for new updates every time you launch it. I'm loving it so far. My director was so impressed with the pdf weekly accomplishments.  
~ Nora N             
 I love the look and feel of your software as I use Microsoft Office 2007. 
~ Alison M             
 I love that you send out a 'newsletter' to let everyone know what you are currently working on to enhance the program. 
~ Meghan N             
 I really prefer the software over what I am currently using 
~ Susan L             
 Thank youa for being willing to listen and make this the best software out there! I look forward to the transition. 
~ Teresa I             
 I downloaded several trials to find one that I like. I like yours the best!! One thing I do love is that you help me keep track of my section 2 and let me import items from InTouch.... but I truly LOVE the program - it's terrific, and by far the best I've seen!!! I just love that it's not web based so I can be anywhere working on it, that I can download my orders into the program (talk about a time saver). You help me keep up with everything! It's very easy to use. Fabulous!!! 
~ Lee L             
 You guys are awesome! Thank you for being so open to suggestions! Thank you for your PROMPT response!! You are really on top of things!! Thanks for your great responsiveness! As you know, customer service is a critical component of a successful business and you are a perfect example of that!  
~ Meghan N